October 6, 2011

Thank you Steve Jobs

This morning, I realized that many aspects of my life would be totally different if there were no Apple Computers in the world. Here is an itemized list of how Steve Jobs’ inventions have personally affected me.

1. I am a computer nerd and love video games: In 1986 my dad bought an Apple IIe and I played Space Invaders as much as any 5 year old could stand to. Last night my dad told me that all of my older brother’s friends came over and also played video games because we were the only ones with an Apple computer. Welcome to Macintosh.

2. I am a music producer: To echo the sentiment of many other music producers, without Macintosh computers (and now iPads and even other iOS devices) many of us would not be making music.  I’d even venture to say that all of the music made and recorded over the past 25 years would be radically different if there were no Apple. (Protools, Logic, lots of sampling)

3. I am a DJ: Now this one is obvious but nearly every DJ at every club has their little MacBook Pro. Kids Got The Disco (and thousands of other dance parties like it) would never have existed if it weren’t for Apple.

4. I work at Apple and love this company: Yes, yes I do. I always have. Apple people are like one huge family of coolish nerds. 

5. The past six people I’ve dated have all been a result of Apple computers: Now this one might seem like a stretch but it’s not! Three were a result of KGTD (and there would be no KGTD if there were no Apple portable computers), one was from a sound editing job, one was at Uni where I was studying Music Technology and one was directly from working at Apple.

HA! Too much? Nah, it makes sense in today’s tech obsessed world, right? With internet dating sites and mobile devices providing interactions for everyone, I’d say most dating/hooking up/whatever for the under 35 crowd is facilitated by technology. Therefore, Apple is sexy. You sexy iPhone you. 

And on that note, thank you Steve Jobs! You’ve helped enriched my life oh so much. 

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