July 23, 2011

Radiohead - Bloom (live at Glasto). 

Yesterday, this was the only song I listened to on my iPod. I probably played it around 40x because I just got sucked in to the atmosphere of the song.

To me, Bloom really sounds like it came from the ocean. The lyrics recall ancient ocean creatures and the void of space. The combination of sounds in the instrumental track gives the feeling of being underwater, while Thom’s voice is soaked in long delay reverb. Of course this is my favourite thing, of course it is. 

Radiohead’s intent to craft Bloom like it came from the sea reminds me very strongly of Vox Balaenae by George Crumb. 


Open your mouth wide
A universal sigh
And while the ocean blooms
It’s what keeps me alive
So why does this still hurt?
Don’t don’t blow your mind with why

I’m moving out of orbit
Turning in somersaults
A giant turtle’s eyes
Jellyfish float by.
(it’s what keeps me alive)

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September 27, 2011

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Radiohead - "The Daily Mail"
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Radiohead - Daily Mail (live on Colbert). They debuted this song last night on Colbert and it is super sassy and brassy! YES.

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