August 4, 2011

MR OIZO - DOUCHEBEAT. A beat for the douches. Monsieur Wah-ZO, Mr. Oh-haz-O, Mr. oooo-II-ZO, he is my absolute favourite producer. This Douchebeat track is some SERIOUS shit. It sounds more like his Moustache/Half-Scissor days than his more recent ADD Disco. 


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August 5, 2011

Friday Five Favs

It’s time for this week’s Friday Five Favs! The post where I list my Five Fav tracks of the week.

1. Mr. Oizo - Douchebeat

2. INXS - Need You Tonight

3. The Brothers Johnson - Stomp

4. Caribou - Odessa

5. Squarepusher - Cryptic Motion (Mr. Oizo Remix)

Yep, two Mr. Oh-haz-oh tracks cause Oizo just announced LP #4 and I’m out of my mind with excitement. I would also like to thank Spotify for making my musical life so much more AWESOMESAUCE.

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October 10, 2011

MR OIZO / FRANCE7 by oizo mr 3000

MR OIZO - FRANCE 7. This is the sound of depressing sports. The breakdown at 2:01 is just heartstopping and at 3:11 is just plain stupid*. Definitely a beat for the douches. MR. UUUUUUH-HAZ-WOAH.

*Stupid = brilliant, Oizo is the most brilliant producer to ever come out of La France.

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